Crysis 3 DLC was announced

Crysis 3 DLC was announced by  9097 views

Yesterday Crytek promised us to make a huge announcement, and here it is - a few minutes ago the developers revealed information about the first Crysis 3 DLC.

New Crysis 3 DLC is called The Lost Island, and it is a multiplayer expansion pack that is coming on the 4th of June. Crysis 3: The Lost Island moves us from dusty New York to the bright and juicy tropical land in the Philippines. Someone has discovered the aliens here, and now you are going to the lair of enemies to find and destroy them.


New Crysis 3 DLC will also include four huge maps, two different modes and a set of various weapons. The developers are sure that The Lost Island returns Crysis 3 to its "spiritual roots" and also gives gamers the opportunity to refresh their way of playing this shooter.

Crysis 3 DLC is coming on the 4th of June for $14.99, but its first screenshots are available already today: