First assessments and the results of Crysis 3 release

First assessments and the results of Crysis 3 release by  4953 views
Yesterday Crytek and Electronic Arts celebrated the sales start of one of the most anticipated and major projects this year - Crysis 3. Many players have already download a free demo version and tried the multiplayer last week, but let's find out what say professionals:

CVG - 8,5
Digital Spy - four fifths
Gamesbeat - 85/100
VideoGamer - 6/10
Polygon - 7,0
IGN - 8,5
Edge - 6
GamesRadar - 3,5 / 5
GameSpot -7,5
GameSpy - 4/5
GameInformer - 8,5

Average score is 8 from 10, which is quite low for such project, although it is possible that because except of modern graphics and some cool equipment’s items that are so heavily advertised by Crytek, there is nothing new in the game. More details about all kinds of weapons and the nano suit possibilities you can see in the trailer below.

And if you decide to play the Crysis series in the first time, then you should definitely watch the video, which in the short but meaningful form tells the story of the entire series, including some details of the last part.

Official Crysis 3 release in the U.S. took place yesterday, and the people in Europe will be able start tomorrow! More about the following game’s additions read in our news in the near future.

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