World of Tanks pacth 8.4 detailed

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World of Tanks updates more and more look like a Belarusian game development machine  conveyor. unveiled a February plan of produsing iron monsters from distant British Isles. Detailed information about the new version of World of Tanks 8.4 we will tell below.

The update’s basis will be the British branch of 10 unique Tank Destroyers vehicles. Like all British tanks, some of them will be with good armor and hardly visible, and others with a very powerful and accurate cannons.


But other nations will not go without "gifts". German branch get three new light tanks Pz.I (II level), Pz.I Ausf.S (III level), Pz.II Ausf.G. (III level) moving PzKpfw II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard, VK 2801, to the delight of the owners, to the IV, V and VI levels respectively. In the ranks of Soviet tanks Premium Tank Destroyer SU-100Y will appear, and the USA super tester’s hangars get ACS Level III - Sexton.


"Dragon Ridge" and "Pacific Coast" maps will leave random fights for a new redevelopment, and the new "Steppe", "fishing harbor", "N-sk" and "the Live Oaks" will appear. The game will have a unique map for beginners training, which will offer to do various tasks for the initial bonus.

Also super tester reported about some minor changes in specifications and FPS increase by 5-10%. World of Tanks 8.4 release date is still unknown yet, but it is certain that it will be in February.

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