World of Tanks pacth 8.3 details

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World of Tanks constantly expanding its hangars and delights players with new vehicles over and over again. In patch 8.2. some American tanks have had"twins" - parallel \ alternative branches of medium, light and heavy tanks, but new Chinese tanks , unfortunately, passed.

Today presented the new server patch 8.3, which adds the long-awaited Chinese tanks!

Light tanks: Renault NC-31, Vickers Mk.E Type B/T26, M5, 59-16, WZ131, WZ132, Type 97 Chi-Ha.
Medium tanks: T-34, Type58, T-34-1, T-34-2, Type 59 (WZ-120), 121
Heavy tanks: IS-2, 110 (IS-2U), 111 1/2/3, 111 4/5

There also will be the performance characteristics of many existing machines changes. New renders maps will return Dragon Ridge and others favourite battlefields.

More about World of Tanks 8.3 you can learn from the video below!

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