World of Tanks game ported to Facebook?

World of Tanks game ported to Facebook? by  3598 views
Last week, announced the World of Tanks Blitz for mobile platforms, which led to a burst of activity among players and developers from other companies. During the search of more detailed information, we have found an interesting project in one of the chinese portals about MMO games.

TK - is an arcade online project about tank battles, quite similar to World of Tanks. This clone is based on the Unity 3D source, which allowed the developers (apparently from China) to release this game as Facebook application. Unfortunately, all attempts to drive or shoot normally failed because the game is terribly slow, hangs, has huge ping and little FPS, i.e. that it is designed primarily for the Asian region. has’t commented on this treat of "piracy", though, most likely, the developers will arrange the major reducion of Chinese branch in World of Tanks) You can see TK gameplay in the trailer below.

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