Wasteland 2 release date has been postponed again

Wasteland 2 release date has been postponed again by  2785 views

Last week, we told you that the launch of this game was scheduled for the end of August, and today we have to refute this information due to the fact that its creators have postponed the game’s release again.

If you are a fan of Wasteland and are waiting for its sequel, then you are aware that this RPG’s launch has already been moved a couple of times due to the different reasons. And a few days ago, the project’s developers told that the game’s release was postponed again. But don’t get upset too much, because, according to the game’s creators, Wasteland 2 release date will take place a couple of weeks later, i.e. in the first part of September. As inXile Entertainment’s employees have told, the reason of such a decision is that the developers need more time to  prepare the discs with a game. 

Although the exact Wasteland 2 release date is unknown so far, the project’s developers have promised to reveal it as soon as they set it for sure. Let us remind you that the second instalment in this series has the right to exist thanks to Kickstarter service, on which the fans have gathered almost $1 000 000.


We’d like to remind you that Wasteland 2 game will be available on Mac, Windows and Linux.