Vampyr game has got the first details

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Being inspired by success of such adventure projects as Remember Me and Life Is Strange, the French studio titled Dontnod Entertainment has decided not to rest on the laurels and has started working on its next creation. The future Vampyr game, which is being developed in RPG genre on a base of Unreal Engine 4, will be released only in 2017. However, already now, the studio has begun to reveal its first details. As you remember, the project’s debut concept trailer was presented at E3 last week.

As it’s known so far, Vampyr game will tell about the events which take place at the beginning of XX century or, to be exact, after World War I. The players will travel to Great Britain. The country is in chaos caused by the pandemic of Spanish Flu. But this is not all that terrorizes Britain. The streets of the cities are filled with creepy vampires who have no mercy to anyone. Jonathan E. Reid will be the project’s main character. He’s a surgeon, who has just come back from the war and has become a vampire as a result of an accident.


The players will explore London and participate in various missions and quests. According to the developers, all characters of the future RPG will be Jonathan’s potential victims. He will carefully examine their behavior as well as their relationships with other heroes and built his own strategy of attack.

Among the types of weapons, which will be included into Vampyr game, the players will be able to choose the melee and the shooting ones and use the unique vampiric skills. Besides, there will be an opportunity to create your own weapon by using a special detailed system and materials gotten from the enemies.

Vampyr game is being developed for such platforms as PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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