Titanfall 2 - Meet the Titans in Person

Titanfall 2 - Meet the Titans in Person by  7737 views

A few days ago six Titans from Titanfall 2 were presented on Titanfall Official YouTube channel. If you’re excited about the upcoming game you should meet the Titans in person. GameSpace team is about to help you with this.

Ion - Lasers everywhere!


  • Native weapon - Splitter rifle
  • Defensive: Vortex shield
  • Offensive: Laser shot
  • Utility: Tripwire - weapon that creates defensive line, once the opponent breaks it - he’s dead
  • Core ability: Laser core - melts everything on its way

Legion - Machine Gun


  • Native weapon - Predator cannon
  • Defensive: Gun shield - the shield that forms itself around your native weapon, this permits you to actually see where to shoot
  • Offensive: Power shot
  • Utility: Mode switch
  • Core ability: Smart core

Ronin - Knight


  • Native weapon - Leadwall
  • Defensive: Sword block - sword creates the protective field to block incoming attacks
  • Offensive: Arc wave - provides an attacking energy wave
  • Utility: Phase dash
  • Core ability: Sword core

Northstar - Flying Dude


  • Native weapon - Plasma Railgun
  • Defensive: Tether Trap - permits you to catch the opponent and slow him down for a while
  • Offensive: Cluster missile
  • Utility: Hover - in other words, jetpack
  • Core ability: Flight core

Scorch - Fire Lord


  • Native weapon - T-203 Thermite launcher - spreads fire on the ground
  • Defensive: Thermal shield
  • Offensive: Firewall
  • Utility: Incendiary trap
  • Core ability: Flame core - sets the closest opponents on fire

Tone - Rocket master


  • Native weapon - 40mm tracker cannon
  • Defensive: Particle-wall - you choose where to put a wall to cover from the incoming attacks
  • Offensive: Tracking rockets
  • Utility: Sonar lock
  • Core ability: Salvo core - spreads multiple rockets to attack your opponent

Titanfall 2 comes out in the end of October, on the 28th, you can pre-order it right here.