The World of Tanks 8.2 new vehicles review

The World of Tanks 8.2 new vehicles review by  10050 views
Today, the Wargaming company revealed details next World of Tanks 8.2 update, which will be released in December. As the practice of previous years, most likely it will be after the 20th, simultaneously with the start of the companies Christmas stock.

In the new game trailer was unveiled Chinese branch Tanks with different 17 vehicles! The basis of the armament of the country of the rising sun will make recycled models from other countries, T34, pz4 and other . Also released another pack cards processed through the new renderer.

• Light: Renault NC-31, Vickers Mk.E Type B/T26, M5, 59-16, WZ131, WZ132;
• Medium: Type 97 Chi-Ha, T-34, Type 58, T-34-1, T-34-2, Type 59 (WZ-120), 121;
• Heavy: IS-2, 110 (IS-2U), 111 1/2/3, 111 4/5.

American branch will expand by 5 new tanks of various types.

• Light tanks: T21, T71;
• Medium tanks: T69, T54E1;
• Heavy Tank: T57.


And of course there will be a few new premium tanks in game. This time the players that likes French and the new British branch can buy machines to farm silver, experience and leveling crew.

• French heavy tank 8th level FCM 50;
• British heavy tank level 6 TOG II;
• British PT-ACS Level 7 AT-15A.