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The first week of new year 2013 started with different positive gaming events. Let's talk about several of them.

Angry Birds

Christmas week was very successful for Rovio and its Angry Birds game. The developers sold more than 30 million copies of their cult product and about 8 million copies only on Christmas Day! It may depend on the fact, that a lot of people received tablets and mobile phones as a gift on holidays, and these lucky people immediately started downloading their favorite Angry Birds game.


Seduce me

Seduce Me game - very scandalous product from No Reply Amsterdam studio - was finally released. Seduce Me game is the first erotic strategy with strong sexual content, violent language and nudity. Several months ago it was trying to win a place in the sun at Steam store, but after a while the game was deleted from Greenlight. Will it be popular without Steam? We don't know and don't recommend Seduce Me game to those, who are less than 18 years. 


Bioshock Infinite

The developers promised Bioshock Infinite fans, that everyone who will pre-order this game, will get another one as a present. The additional game is named as Bioshock: Industrial Revolution and it is a puzzle with about 12 hours of interesting story about protagonists of the main "big game". So pre-order now and get more on the 26th of March, when Bioshock Infinite will be released.


Call of Duty

Miracle of Sound studio published funny video about Call of Duty. Watch and sing with us on our YouTube channel:

Previous publications

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