The Walking Dead: Season Two got new trailer

The Walking Dead: Season Two got new trailer by  3957 views

The emotional and dramatic adventure full of dilemmas and difficult choices is coming to the gamers already next week, and so yesterday the developers decided to please us with new full-fledged The Walking Dead: Season Two trailer. The video features many characters from both seasons.


The Walking Dead: Season Two is the next part of the beautiful adventure, in which each your decision influences on the events that happen later. This time the main character of the game is Clementine - young, but brave girl, who was the companion of the previous protagonist. Many months after the events of the first season have passed, but the threat is still here, and your task is to survive and to help other people during the zombie apocalypse.

New The Walking Dead: Season Two trailer shows us lots of different characters, both from the first and from the second adventures. It is very emotional, as a game itself, and we are sure they you will like it. Let's check, shall we?

Telltale's adventure is coming on the 17th of December for PC and on the 19th of December for Xbox 360. The game's release date for other platforms hasn't been defined yet.