The struggle against cheaters in Max Payne 3

The struggle against cheaters in Max Payne 3 by  6368 views

In the recent time has increased complaints about players,using various means to obtain added value in the multiplayer. In response, thecompany Rockstar declared the action against dishonest players in multiplayerusing any means of deception.

Now anyplayer, seen in any machinations of bringing additional benefits will be placedon a separate server, where can play with the same players. Subsequently, theplayer has violated the rules will be provided one-time opportunity to returnto a shared server, after repentance. What is this "act ofcontrition," and how it will take place is unknown, but the player hasviolated the rules again will lose all accumulated wealth and the game will bemoved back to the server "violated" with no possibility of returningto the main server.

If younotice a player violates the rules the company Rockstar wants you to report itto the mailbox support maxpayne3.banhammer@ Let us make game fair and fun together!