The new World of Tanks mode has been presented

The new World of Tanks mode has been presented by  3934 views

FIFA World Cup in Brazil is, probably, one of the most discussed topics now. And in honour of this event Wargaming company has added to its popular simulator the new World of Tanks mode, titled Football Battles.

The new World of Tanks mode will become another battle field, but this time the players will have to fight for the ball and protect the gates from the enemy goal. The combats will take place on the central square of the quiet Himmelsdorf town, which was converted to the football field.

At the beginning of the fight, the gamers will choose the new invincible tank - Т-62А Sport. The opponents may harm only some parts of this vehicle, but they can’t destroy it totally. Т-62А Sport is available only for the Football Battles.

This World of Tanks mode includes the special achievements in the additional missions, and also the main award - “Football Player 2014” medal.

The matches will be 3x3 and will last for 7 minutes in general. The first team, which scores three goals, wins.

The new World of Tanks mode will be available till June 13th. Once the championship ends, all the experience, collected in the Football Battles, will be transferred to the MC-1 tank.

So, are you ready to try your skills on the sports field?