The new Sacred 3 trailer and screenshots have been presented

The new Sacred 3 trailer and screenshots have been presented by  4210 views

Deep Silver company has presented the latest Sacred 3 trailer and several new screenshots of the upcoming project. Let us remind you that this RPG with the elements of hack-and-slash is to appear on PC and current-gen consoles on August 1st in Europe and on August 5th in North America.

The published screenshots look very colorful and demonstrate the game’s characters during the combats:


And the new Sacred 3 trailer shows the cooperative mode of this RPG. It’s worth saying that the developers have come up to the creation of the video with a good sense of humour. You’ll make sure of it if you watch the trailer:

The new Sacred 3 trailer shows the battle of the heroes with the numerous amount of monsters - the Emperor Zane’s envoyers, - who appear from the different parts of the forest over and over again. The video concentrates on the main feature of the cooperative mode - the competition between the team members for the title of the Ancaria’s greatest warrior.

“Combine your powers with other champions to cast powerful and devastating co-op combat arts. Once the dust from the battles has settled, the score sheet will reveal which hero will stand as the undisputed champion over his or her peers. This establishes a delicate balance between friendly cooperation and cut-throat competition”, - the description of the video says.

Did the new Sacred 3 trailer impress you? Did you like the latest screenshots of the project? We’ll be glad to see your comments below.

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