Pre-order Sacred 3, Risen 3 or buy other games with nice discounts!

Pre-order Sacred 3, Risen 3 or buy other games with nice discounts! by  3941 views

G2A continues its tradition to offer us lots of games, different subscription and gift cards and trial periods with reductions each weekend.

This time you can pre-order Sacred 3 or Risen 3 - the games, which both will be launched next month, - only for €25,99 each that is not expensive at all, as for us. Or, if you are a real fan of football simulators, you can buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which this weekend will cost you only €11,99. It’s not a bad bargain, is it?

Besides the abovementioned games, you are able to purchase:

1) Diablo 3 (Global) - €18,59;

2) Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is available for €16,99;

3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 costs €7,9;

4) The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Version CD-KEY (GLOBAL) - €14,99;

5) Battlefield 4 Premium ORIGIN CD-KEY (GLOBAL) - €27,99;

6) Xbox Live 1 Month GOLD PL/EU/US Subscription Card can be purchased for €5.49;

7) XBOX 12 Months GOLD PL/EU/US Subscription Card - €28,99;

8) Warcraft 3: Gold Edition Global Vanilla + Frozen Trone DLC - €6,49;

9) Anno 2070 Complete Edition UPLAY CD-KEY (GLOBAL) costs €10,99;

10) Borderlands 2 Steam Key - €5,99;

11) WOW 60 days (EU) can be bought for €19,99;

12) Dark Souls 2 Season Pass - €17,99;

13) Tera Online Standard CD-KEY (EU) is available for €8,99.


Buy and pre-order the games with reductions here and then go back on in order to earn money with Goldmine programme, more about which you can read here.

The sale begins today - on the 25th of July - at 15:00 GMT, and it will end on Monday - on the 28th of July - at the same time. Don’t waste your time!

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