The new Enemy Front trailer has been presented

The new Enemy Front trailer has been presented by  4524 views

The upcoming first-person shooter, the release of which on PC and current-gen consoles will take place on June 10th, has got the fresh spectacular video. The new Enemy Front trailer demonstrates the compilation of the cinematographic scenes and the gameplay episodes.

The latest Enemy Front trailer shows the story of an American correspondent - Robert Hawkins - and his uneasy way during the World War II. Hawkins witnesses the confrontation of the French, German, Norwegian, Poland people and the Nazi army. He also participates in the Warsaw Uprising. The protagonist not only stays shoulder to shoulder with the fighters, but also records the interesting thrilling facts of their lives. The new Enemy Front trailer begins from exactly these stories.


Let us remind you that during the game process you will have an opportunity to use different methods to combat with the occupants - from the stealth mode to the diversions.

Besides that, together with the project’s release the players will be able to purchase the Enemy Front Limited Edition, which will cost $49.99. It will include M1 Garand rifle, Webley Revolver, the new “Raid on St. Nazaire” mission, the soundtrack and some additional exclusive content.

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