Enemy Front release date has been revealed

Enemy Front release date has been revealed by  6737 views

Announced in 2011 Enemy Front game - the first person shooter, which tells about the Second World War - has got a release date and a new trailer.

Thus, the publisher and the developer of the project - a Polish City Interactive company - has announced today that the official Enemy Front release date is scheduled for June 10, 2014 for the current generation of consoles and PC. Besides Enemy Front release date, the fresh gameplay trailer has been published. New video of this shooter, which lasts a little more than 2 minutes, shows us the different combat techniques available in the game. Here you can kill enemies by shooting from different weapons or with a sniper rifle, you can blow up the buildings, the warehouses and other premises for the purpose of sabotage or you can quietly eliminate German soldiers one by one skillfully wielding a knife. There are a lot of ways to kill the enemy, as well as means for this, but the main thing here is that you, being an American correspondent Robert Hawkins, are able to properly and effectively use them, bringing the maximum benefit to the Resistance, as part of which you are. We can describe the pros of this game for a long time, but we’d prefer to give you chance to evaluate it yourself, having watched the fresh Enemy Front trailer, published below.

We would also like to remind or inform you that Enemy Front game promises provide the players an interesting game experience thanks to the three modes (singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op one), as well as to a huge open world.