The first details of the new Heroes of the Storm map have appeared

The first details of the new Heroes of the Storm map have appeared by  5632 views

At the official blog of the upcoming MOBA, the project’s senior technical designer - Meng Song - has revealed the first details about another game’s location. The new Heroes of the Storm map, titled Garden of Terror, will be added to the alpha version and will become the fifth battle ground.


According to Song, on the new Heroes of the Storm map the dynamic system of the day and night sequence will be implemented. When the dark comes, the terrifying monsters come on the surface. So, the players must vanish them in order the dawn can arrive. But on this arena the gamers have to be on the alert all the time, because while there’s darkness outside, the enemies can suddenly attack at any moment.

Besides that, this Heroes of the Storm map let the players gather the special seeds, which help them call the almighty Garden Terror. The team member transforms into this creature for some time and use its skills to fight against the foes.

Thus, two main Garden Terror’s abilities, available for the gamers, will be Plant Horror Overgrowth and Spore Queen's Curse. The first one damages all the buildings that are situated in the area of the spell’s coverage. And the second one slows down the members of the opponent team and turns them into the plant zombies.


And finally, Meng Song has shared the information concerning the characters, who have the advantages to participate in the battles on this arena. In designer’s opinion, this Heroes of the Storm map fits to the following heroes:

- Tassadar, who’s got the excellent scouting skills;

- Zagara and Gazlowe. They have the abilities to call the warriors and survive in the jungle;

- Brightwing, Falstad and Stitches, who can defend from the sudden attacks and cause the huge damage to the several goals at once.

Besides that, the developers have published the latest Heroes of the Storm video, which shows the improved base skins of some characters. According to the information, this trailer presents how the heroes look like for the current moment. And Blizzard promises to reveal more information about the work done very soon.

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