The first Daylight trailer was published

The first Daylight trailer was published by  2681 views

One of the scariest this year's game has got the first official video this week. Daylight trailer shows us the mysterious labyrinths of the abandoned hospital, strange messages on the walls and the frightening spirits, who are the only masters of this godforsaken place.


Daylight game is a survival horror project with the first-person perspective. You are playing a role of a woman, who awakes in the desolate mental hospital and has no idea about how she has got here. She has no weapon or armor, and the only one thing that helps her is a mobile phone. The heroine will be using this simple device as a light source, because the electricity doesn't work in the asylum.

The hospital has a very bad reputation - previously lots of mental patients died here, and now their ghosts want a revenge. To escape from this dangerous and frightening place, you will have to investigate the shadowy past of the asylum and let the spirits of the tortured people rest in peace.

To get the first glimpse of the upcoming survival horror game, we advise you to watch fresh Daylight trailer, in which you will be able to feel the project's gloomy atmosphere and to see several locations and enemies.

Daylight game will be released later this year for PlayStation 4 and PC.