The Daylight release date has been postponed

The Daylight release date has been postponed by  3676 views

Originally the Daylight release date was planned on April 8th 2014, however, recently the developers have announced its postponement, but fortunately, only for a couple of weeks. Thus, the players, who anticipate the launch of the new project, will be able to get this upcoming survival horror on April 29th.

According to the information from Zombie Studios, the Daylight release date has been rescheduled in order to polish the details and make the in-game effects more scary and thrilling.

As a compensation for the delay of the launch, the developers have decided to cheer the fans with some pleasant news about the price of the upcoming project. So, Daylight will be available for the PS Plus subscribers for $9.99 and for other PS4 owners for $11.99. At the same time the users, who want to buy a PC version, can pre-order it right now only for $9.99, while on April 29th the price will increase to $14.99.

Besides that, some fresh screenshots and the new Daylight trailer, titled Somebody’s Watching, have appeared. “You awake, trapped in an abandoned hospital. Your only source of light is your phone. You hit a dead-end and must turn around, but behind you lurks an eerie presence and strange noises…” - the video’s description says. The Daylight trailer and several screenshots immerse the users into the creepy, chilling atmosphere of the empty asylum. And if you aren’t scared yet, we offer you to appraise the new video and images together with us:


So, did you like the fresh Daylight trailer? What do you think about the changes in the release date?