The best Crysis 3 hunter's trophy

The best Crysis 3 hunter's trophy by  5953 views
As we have already seen, the Crysis nano costume invention become the most interesting in the game’s industry in recent years. Not only because the magic or mutation can surprise anyone (by the way aliens too), but owing to an excellent graphics and the ability to vary the everyday shooter with something radically new.

In the new Crysis 3 "The Hunt is On" trailer we’ll see a selection of the best hunting moments with the help of the Costume . And it does not even matter that you have with you, the Typhoon gun, which produces 500 bullets per second, bow with explosive-tipped or just cold steel.

During playing such moments, you become a predator, you acute intuition, reaction, hearing and vision. The costume of the Prophet - not just beautiful painted picture, it absorbs the  part of you, how it did this with the protagonist, but instead gives a tremendous power. The main thing to remember is that you can be not the only one who has a suit or  the enemies’ count will be too much.

Also we would like to introduce you the latest Crysis 3 developers gameplay video in which they describe in details some of the previously little-known facts. Release of the game is scheduled for February 22, but for now you can already try the multiplayer demo version.

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