T110E5 Event from World of Tanks

T110E5 Event from World of Tanks by  5690 views

Yesterday, Wargaming company, the creator of the world renowned World of Tanks, announced a new phase of an experimental event titled “T110E5 Event”. This special is running in honor of the 15th anniversary of the company. It will be held from the 15th to the 29th of May and will be available for players from all over the world. “T110E5 Event” is a continuation of the promotional event dedicated to the colossal heavy tanks from the American tech tree.

In honor of its birthday and as a part of this special Wargaming offers a variety of discounts and bonuses to its players. Among the pleasant surprises offered by the company, you can find a 30% discount on the purchase of American vehicles (T32, M103, T110E5), and increased by 30% yield at the same T32, M103 and T110E5 tanks.


So, dear tankers, do not lose the exclusive opportunity to add an American tank in your garage and show what you can do on the battlefield!