Soul Sacrifice game will get free DLCs, new quests and bosses

Soul Sacrifice game will get free DLCs, new quests and bosses by  6049 views

Yesterday Kumi Yuasa, the game’s producer, officially announced through the PlayStation Blog, that soon Soul Sacrifice game will receive a few free add-ons, eight new quests and two bosses.

So, the first Soul Sacrifice DLC, entitled "The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master", will be released on the 20th of August, the following one - "The Iron Lady's Tears of Red"- on the 3rd of September and the last one - "The Fall of the Gods" - on the 17th of September. But Kumi Yuasa has also told that the add-ons release dates can be changed, so those, who want to download them on PSN, will have to check periodically the information about these DLCs.

These additional contents will include 8 new quests and two new boss: the aristocratic demon Beelzebub and a mischievous prince Cat Sith, images of which you can see below. But to get all these extra quests, be sure to download the keys from PlayStation Store.


In the meantime, we don’t forget to remind you that Soul Sacrifice game, developed in the genre of action-adventure and released on May 1, 2013, has already managed to get lots of free add-ons, that is surprising fact for the video game industry. And it seems that the developers of this project are not going to stop.