New Soul Sacrifice Delta game is announced

New Soul Sacrifice Delta game is announced by  2569 views

Soul Sacrifice game, one of the biggest and successful project in Japan made for PS Vita, will get a sequel in the near future. It has been announced by Keiji Inafune, the video game producer and illustrator in Capcom company, during Sony’s press conference today.

Thus, according to the information provided by Keiji Inafune, the new game’s instalment is called Soul Sacrifice Delta and will be released in Japan in March 2014. While there isn’t a lot of information about this project, but we will tell you what we have got to know. Contrary to the rumors that the new game will be just an extended version of Soul Sacrifice, the second part of the game series will take only the most successful elements of its predecessor (for example, a multiplayer mode for 4 players), and still will be the original game. The developers are planning to add a PvP mode for three factions, as well as a third game’s option ("neutral"). What that means is unknown yet, but the game's developers promise to reveal more information about the project on Tokyo Game Show (which will take place in a week).

As for Soul Sacrifice Delta release date in Europe, so far nothing is known about it. Let's wait for the fresh news from the developers.