Second Total War: Rome 2 patch is released

Second Total War: Rome 2 patch is released by  4442 views

Creative Assembly, the developer of Total War game series, released the second Total War: Rome 2 patch, which is available only in beta now.

Although the patch contains a number of technical issues, gameplay and usability improvements, but still its main purpose is to minimize calculation times during AI turns, as well as campaign performance optimisations in the game. But no matter how the developers tried, according to the players who have already tested these improvements, these issues work correctly only at the beginning of the tournament, then you should again be patient (at the end of a campaign), because AI interacts with an ever-changing map (which naturally takes some time).

In addition, Creative Assembly has introduced a new "Limited" option in the “Show AI Player Moves" settings in the single player and Multiplayer Campaign modes. This option allows the player to see all movement of enemy factions on player’s territory, and all movement within seas, on which you have the ports.

Also the second Total War: Rome 2 patch includes a number of other improvements and fixes (the full list of them you can see here), including the pathfinding optimisation on the campaign map, the synchronization of the game for better save, the pop-ups that inform about the deterioration of the graphics (due to problems with memory), changes in the user interface and much more.

In the meantime, we’d like to remind that Total War: Rome 2 game was launched on September 3 for PC, and its first patch was released a week later. It has fixed some technical issues.