Saints Row IV game has got 2 new add-ons (video)

Saints Row IV game has got 2 new add-ons (video) by  4748 views

Couples of days ago we told you that next game’s DLC - “How the Saints Save Christmas”- was released, and already today we would like to share the information about 2 new Saints Row 4 add-ons.

Thus, Deep Silver Volition has released 2 game’s packs, which are called Element of Destruction Pack and Zinyak Attack Pack. First Saints Row 4 add-on is already available for purchase and it costs $2.99. Made in the spirit of this crazy action-adventure, this DLC offers new superpowers for your characters. Now thanks to these enhanced superpowers, you have even more opportunities to arrange a large and at the same time hilarious brawl in the game’s world. In addition, in order to visualize what awaits you in this pack, the developers have published a small Saints Row 4 trailer. Here you can see how the characters use their new superpowers - the ability to make an explosive chain blast, to explode time bombs telekinetically, to make an explosive buff and an airstrike stomp. Are you interested? Then watch new (as always reckless) Saints Row 4 trailer.

Second Saints Row 4 add-on - Zinyak Attack Pack - costs $1.99. This Pack offers you 3 new outfits for Emperor Zinyak - the trooper, the Warden and flowing cape of Zinyak himself. Note, please that these add-ons aren’t included in the game’s Season Pass, so you will have to buy them separately.


Saints Row IV game was launched in late August for the current-gen consoles and PC.