Saints Row 4: trailer and newly announced DLC

Saints Row 4: trailer and newly announced DLC by  4810 views

The developers of Saints Row 4 game know that the whole Internet likes videos about lovely cats, so they decided to make their own one. Well, this Saints Row 4 trailer doesn't look cute, but as any other game's video it is funny and strange.

New Saints Row 4 trailer shows big weird cat that falls down from the sky and frightens the citizens. What exactly the developers wanted to tell us with this character, remains unknown, but on the 24th and 26th of July new videos from this series are coming, so maybe the next ones will be more understandable.

Besides Saints Row 4 trailer the developers announced the game's DLC that will be released 45 days after project's launch. "Enter the Dominatrix" DLC will consist of the cutout scenes and will look like a documentary, in which the game's characters are telling why these scenes were deleted from the original game. This add-on firstly had to be the DLC for Saints Row: The Third, but then the developers decided that the invasion of aliens is a great idea for the separate game, and so "Enter the Dominatrix" was waiting for its time.

And in the end we would like to remind you that Saints Row 4 will be released on the 20th of August for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.b9F2lCf.jpg