Rovio has anounced the new game about "Pigs and Birds"

Rovio has anounced the new game about Pigs and Birds by  2456 views
Rovio, the creator of the famous Angry Birds series, has announced a new exciting project - Bad Piggies. At this time it is already known that the game will be released initially on iOS and Android, and a month later the players will see digital and boxed PC versions.

This game, like the original Angry Birds, will tell the story of war between birds and swine, but this time we will be playing for the green pigs. Aim of the game - to build a self-propelled machine, that will be able to reach its goal, sometimes with help of the user. In Bad Piggies the most unbelievable constructions and variants will be available to the same level.

The official iOS and Android release is scheduled for September 27, while the PC  version will please users only on October 15. More information about the game you will be able to learn from the trailer below or on the official game’s website.