New Total War: Rome 2 DLC - Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack - is available for free

New Total War: Rome 2 DLC - Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack - is available for free by  4290 views

While the next project of Creative Assembly - Alien: Isolation game - is only rumored, the new Total War: Rome 2 DLC has already been released. Also yesterday the developers published its trailer and announced that the pack will be available for free during the first week after launch.


New Total War: Rome 2 DLC is called Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack and features three various factions that haven't been presented in the game yet. The Massagetae is a violent nomadic tribe that is known because of numerous victories. Its soldiers used to wipe off the face of the earth different powerful armies and then start the new wars of conquest.

The next tribe - the Roxolani - unites various Sarmatian people. As any other nomadic tribe, they are good at horse breeding and are perfect warriors. Choosing the Roxolani, you will be able to begin the war against civilized people.

And finally one of the most powerful and famous faction - Scythia - is also added to the newly released Total War: Rome 2 DLC. These people are always the best, especially if we are talking about wars.

All three factions come with the special technology trees, campaigns, units and buildings, so this pack will bring many hours of interesting gameplay for fans of the strategy games. Moreover, you can try Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack for free, if you download it up to the 29th of October. In a week the DLC will cost $7.99, so don't miss your chance. By the way, already now you can watch the trailer of this Total War: Rome 2 DLC that reveals several other details: