New Metro: Last Light trailer is released!

New Metro: Last Light trailer is released! by  4051 views

Yesterday, the new and a bit unusual Metro: Last Light trailer appeared in the network. This video was published by the Technical Director of 4A Games - Alexander Bereznyak, who was creating it for many months in his spare time.

Metro Last Light trailer is nothing more than a kind of gratitude of Metro: Last Light developers to all game’s fans and to those who have already purchased it. This video, called Mobius, is made in an unusual style. Instead of the battles with mutated after a nuclear war creatures (that we used to see), we have a freeze, which helps to see the full horror of the events taking place in metro and realize that the survivors are in the terrible plight. But to feel the truly oppressive atmosphere and to experience the feeling of absolute hopelessness, reigning in the video and in the game, we invite you to watch the latest Metro: Last Light trailer:

And for those who have forgotten or don’t know yet, we would like to remind that Metro: Last Light game was released last month and is already available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.