New info about World of Tanks 8.5

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It's no secret that every release of new World of Tanks updates significantly affects both on the tactics of battles and on the choice of favourite vehicles. In the recent update to the game the developers have added a few alternative tech branches and connections between different types of  tanks. Let's take a more detailed look at new World of Tanks game’s features.

The Soviet and German tech trees have been changed a lot. There’re three LT that form an alternative branch up to T-34.

USSR tanks:

• T-60 (2);
• T-70 (3);
• T-80 (4).


There’s a second German MT branch that will be useful for those who thinks that E50 M is not worth the time and effort necessary for its leveling. A LT Aufklarer Panzer Panther stands between VK 2801 and Indien Panzer and connects them.

German tanks:

• VK 20.01 (D) (4);
• VK 30.01 (D) (6);
• Indien Panzer (8);
• Leopard Prototype der Arbeitsgruppe A (9);
• Leopard 1 (10);
• Aufklarer Panzer Panther (7).


The ACS Sexton (Level 3) has been moved to the British tree and after the release of World of Tanks 8.5 will be available in the premium store.

Super Testers get British Premium HT A33 Excelsior (Level 5), and a few special tanks:

• Soviet Object 907;
• American M60;
• German VK7201.


And, most likely, these vehicles, which we mentioned about earlier, will be the first tanks that can be obtained through Clan wars on the Global map.

"These tanks - are NOT premium tanks. They can not be bought. These tanks will not appear in any tech tree. These tanks - are a specialized high level content. From the combination of game settings, they will be approximately equal to the existing (level 10) relevant types of tanks. " (Storm)


We think that the following innovations are the most important. They are:

• A new Chinese map "Pearl River," which promises a lot of interesting tactical combinations and ways.
• Now, players will have an opportunity to buy premium consumables (first aid kits, repair kits, etc.) for usual credits!
• You do not need a premium account in order to create a company or a squad of 3 people!
• The cost of temporary camouflage and inscriptions on vehicles reduced and their number and variety increased.
• The new rules in the light tanks balance!
• More extended statistics!

You will be able to download World of Tanks 8.5 in two weeks, when the update will be released. We also would like to remind that in the “World of Tanks best tank of the month” nomination win the Jagdpanther that’s why it will earn you 30% extra credits per battle till the end of April.

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