New Dishonored DLC was announced

New Dishonored DLC was announced by  4087 views

Dishonored game - one of the most interesting projects of the last autumn - soon will get the second DLC. In this additional you will be dealing with Daud - the leader of "The Whalers", a band of assassins from Dishonored game. Here you will be able to explore the locations of Dunwall and beautiful weapons of one of the most powerful and dangerous murders in the world.


The name of new Dishonored DLC is "The Other Side of Coin". And as always in Dishonored game, here every your action is important and have an influence on the game's plot.

Also the developers have shown the achievements, you can unlock in the game. The full list of them is available only for PS3, but we hope that soon an information about Dishonored DLC for PC will also appear.