Make a Saints Row 4 pre-order and receive a gift!

Make a Saints Row 4 pre-order and receive a gift! by  4552 views
Despite the opinion of some critics Saints Row has always been the most unusual game that attracts the users by its absurdity that’s bordering with complete insanity, and Saints Row 4 has already managed to surpass it before official release.

The Deep Silver company has made a very unexpected move and said that all those, who pre-ordered Saints Row 4 will receive the Commander in Chief Edition for free! And if you still hesitate whether the game is worth of money spented on it, we will reply yes! And here's why.


This time, the game's plot will unfold around aliens, led by their ruler Zinyak, that decided to encroach on the most sacred thing that every true American has  - his freedom! And its useful content from the special edition will help the users to "kick the aliens’ ass"and bring more fun into this process.

After we dress in a stylish Uncle Sam suit, take the the super ultra mega cannon Merica and get on the Screaming Eagle jet board, made in the form of a giant eagle (!), we’ll be able to give a fitting rebuff to any enemies. And the stylish suit and a cool plane is the best start of any naughty party in the style of the best Saints Row’ booze !

Saints Row 4 release is scheduled for August 20, 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. And the Commander in Chief Edition will be available only for $49.99.