Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots and multiplayer details

Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots and multiplayer details by  3821 views

Yesterday Guerrilla Games company, the developer of Killzone game series, shared the information about its new project - Killzone: Shadow Fall - and showed the fresh game’s screenshots.

So, the game developers revealed the new details of Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. According to the official website of the project, there will be lots of improvements and new features in the multiplayer. Here are the basics:

- most of player mechanics, which were previously only available in the single-player campaign, now will be available in the multiplayer;

- there will be 22 types of weapons, which will be available with the launch of the project. The main thing here is your ability to master different weapons, because each of them has different dynamics;

- also there will be 19 different weapon attachments in multiplayer, each of which will unlock by completing a specific mission and it will help you to extend the functionality of your arms;

- 3 classes and 12 different abilites will also be presented in the multiplayer. Each class will have maximum two skills that you’ll be able to use in highly specialized playing styles;

- warzones will return to the game. Now they’ll have eight mission modes, four of which are completely new to Killzone. But what is the most interesting is that you’ll be able to customize these modes to your content and even share the settings with your friends;

- combat honors (temporary bonuses) will be also presented in Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer. You’ll be able to get combat honors, earning enough points during the round;

- and the last but not the least thing is a post-launch support. We are talking about the constant release of add-ons that will provide new gameplay features for the players, as well as new multiplayer maps for free.

In addition, the developers have also presented fresh Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots, which you can see below.


In the meantime, we’d like to remind you that this first-person shooter will be released November 29, 2013 for PS4.