Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer and the first scores

Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer and the first scores by  3893 views

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the first-person shooter, developed by Guerrilla Games exclusively for PS4, which will be released in the North America in two days, and therefore it is time to tell you some fresh information about it.

Thus, yesterday the project’s publisher presented Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer, dedicated, as you may guess, to the game’s release in the North America. This short Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer shows us how rapidly the previously flourishing and wealthy city, in which two nations - the Helghasts and the Vektans - cohabit, turns into a half-destroyed, overtaken by the flame and incessant gunfire place. And the people of both factions, which previously had all, now are forced to take up the guns and fight for their place under the sun, proving that the truth is on their side. Do you want to see what awaits you in the game? Then watch this little Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer and do not forget to write us what you think about it in the comments below.

In addition, some well-known foreign games portals (Eurogamer, Polygon, IGN, Game Informer and GameReactor) have already begun to post their scores to this project. At the moment, the highest rating to Killzone: Shadow Fall was put by GameReactor and IGN (8 points), while the lowest score of 5 points was given by Polygon. What the average score of this shooter will be, we'll find out in the near future, when most of the leading games portals will test it and give their opinions in the form of reviews and assessment.