Killzone: Shadow Fall - gameplay trailer, screenshots and other project’s information

Killzone: Shadow Fall - gameplay trailer, screenshots and other project’s information by  2863 views

The fans of the upcoming first-person shooter - Killzone: Shadow Fall - can rejoice, because today we have prepared a lot of interesting information about this project for them.

Thus, yesterday Eurogamer’s representatives had an interview with the developers of the shooter. During this conversation Guerrilla Games’ technical director, Michael van der Leeuw, said that originally Killzone: Shadow Fall game, the current size of which is a little less than 40GB, was 290GB! As you know, the release of the such game (size of which is nearly 300GB) is a pure madness, so the developers had to completely remake the system to work with data. As a result, they were able to create a new method of accessing to data and texture generation. But the invaluable assistance in this process was provided by Sony, who has developed a special libraries for Guerilla Games, which allow solving many problems in the development process.

In addition, Michael van der Leeuw told that the owners of PS4 will not have to wait until the game will be completely downloaded, as an innovative system of this console - PlayGo - allows you to start playing Killzone: Shadow Fall after a 7.5GB download. And even if you get all the shooter the following morning, by that time you will already be fully involved in the war between Helghasts Vektants.

But that's not all. Eurogamer’s representatives have also managed to play Killzone: Shadow Fall in the multiplayer mode, and as a result they have presented an exclusive 12 minutes long Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay trailer, commented by the lead game’s designer Eric Boltjes. Eric has told about the main project’s feature - Warzones, which can be created and changed by the players, and to which the other gamers will be able to join. Do you want to know more about them? Then watch fresh Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay trailer, presented below:

But this is not the last video of this project that we’d like to show you. So, a few days ago Killzone: Shadow Fall story trailer appeared on the official channel of PlayStation. This video briefly tells the history of the relations between two warring peoples living on the same planet. Enjoy!

And the last thing we would like to share with you is this shooter’s fresh bright screenshots, which you can see below (all images are available in our FB community)


Killzone: Shadow Fall game, PS4 exclusive, will be launched on the 29th of November 2013 .