Killzone Mercenary: new trailer

Killzone Mercenary: new trailer by  3474 views

Today, one of the subsidiaries of Sony Computer Entertainment has published online the trailer for the new short first-person shooter Killzone: Mercenary.

We would like to recall you that Killzone: Mercenary is the second part of Killzone games series, developed by the British Guerrilla Cambridge company, and is planning to be released for PlayStation Vita in September this year.

Although since the official game's announcement (it was introduced in 2012) it has been quite a long time, but neither the publisher nor the developers share many details about their new product. And there is the first short gameplay video, which allows us to lift a little the curtain of game’s mystery. This latest video shows us a lot of really impressive footage from Mercenary, ranging from cut scenes to the gameplay. We get to know the person works as a middle man between the clients and the main character, a mercenary. He tells us about their relationship in a cruel world where war is not just a way to protect the people’s rights, but also a really profitable business.

So, if you're a fan of high-quality shooters, based on the good and thoughtful stories, then Killzone: Mercenary is for you. But to make your own judgment about the upcoming game, we suggest you to watch the trailer: