Hackers have looked at World of Tanks

Hackers have looked at World of Tanks by  3225 views
Wargaming company notified its players that during the last security check the theft of personal players’ information by some intruders was discovered. The company has reason to believe that some part of users e-mail addresses and theirs passwords in encrypted form could become accessible to hackers. But at the same time World of Tanks developers assure that the accounts financial side has not been touched and the players can not worry about the loss of money from their accounts.
Due to the incident, which is investigated by the company, all tankies are strongly advised to change theirs passwords.
The company apologizes for any inconvenience caused and offers players 300 gold as a bonus for the change of the password to a more complex. But Wargaming specifies also that this gold will be credited once, only for the first password change.