Get Even video shows the most realistic graphics ever

Get Even video shows the most realistic graphics ever by  5606 views

Last week we reported about the new third-person shooter- Get Even, - which is going to have a very realistic and beautiful graphics. Today we would like to present you the video from the upcoming game, which proves that Get Even will really get the innovative visual effects that impress.


Get Even game is a shooter, in which the main characters will be exploring both the reality and their own memories. In this project the players will be able to intrude into the other gamers' worlds. But the most interesting thing about Get Even is the cutting-edge technology, which will be used for the visual effects creation.

The Farm 51 - the developer - has announced that the company employs a 3D scanning system, which allows creating the most photorealistic graphics that has never been presented before. The developers will scan the real scenery and then will transform them into the in-game world. To see how it works, we advise you to watch short Get Even video, in which a certain location is shown. It may sound absolutely fantastically, but this reel demonstrates the in-game graphics and not the captured video.

Are you impressed as much as we are? Would you like to play Get Even game? Your answers are always welcomed at the bottom of the page.