Get Even

Get Even

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 First-person shooter
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TBA 2015  Worldwide
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The developers of the Get Even game have shared some good news for the PC owners. According to the project’s lead designer - Wojciech Pazdur, - Farm 51 company has chosen PC as the main platform for the release of the upcoming shooter.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2014-02-11 2324 views

Last week we reported about the new third-person shooter- Get Even, - which is going to have a very realistic and beautiful graphics. Today we would like to present you the video from the upcoming game, which proves that Get Even will really get the innovative visual effects that impress.

 by Tanya Knysh 2014-01-13 5138 views

While the year has just begun, the game developers have already started to present the titles that will be released in 2015. Today The Farm 51 has published the first Get Even trailer and revealed some details of this upcoming and intriguing shooter for PC and next-generation of consoles.

 by Tanya Knysh 2014-01-08 3477 views