Develop your hunters skils with Crysis 3

Develop your hunters skils with Crysis 3 by  4947 views
Crysis 3 revealed in a very different guise in the new multiplayer mode trailer Hunter Mode. Customers who pre-order the game will receive a Hunter Edition, which includes a unique set of clothes for hunters and EMP grenades for infantry, and other ammunition items .

Players are divided into two teams: elite infantry - heavily armed soldiers with thick armor, multiple weapons and EMP grenades, and hunters - small group of assassins in the mask costume, armed with the most powerful bows. Infantry task - clean up the area and it is advisable not to die themselves, because each foot soldier died instantly reborn like a hunter.

Release of the game will be in February 2013, and now we offer to enjoy the spectacle of opposition between the two forces. More details about the game check out in our other news.