Destiny beta will take place this summer

Destiny beta will take place this summer by  2839 views

Activision company has officially confirmed the information concerning the Destiny beta postponement for this summer. Let us remind you that previously it was planned for the early 2014.

According to studio’s CEO - Eric Hirshberg, - the release date of the Destiny game has also been changed. Instead of spring the shooter will be launched on September 9, 2014 for the next and current-gen consoles. Hirshberg has also stated that currently the developers are working hard to create a high-quality project, which is included to the list of this year’s most anticipated games. The users are going to see a great innovative shooter, which will include the best RPG options, intense action’s plot and colourful, memorable characters. Activision puts great hopes on the project and believes that the Destiny game will gain such high ratings as Call of Duty.

And don’t get disappointed if you haven’t received your exclusive key for the Destiny beta in time. You have a great opportunity to do it right now. Just pre-order the game in the next few weeks from the official retailers and get free Destiny beta admission.


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