Crysis 3 Beta and new trailer

Crysis 3 Beta and new trailer by  11953 views

Last week we promised you, that free Crysis 3 Beta will start very soon, and we were right. Yesterday EA officially confirmed open Crysis 3 Beta, but only for multiplayer mode. But still we will have a chance to explore full-fledged multiplayer maps of Crysis 3 and try different modes of online game by yourself.

Crysis 3 Beta starts on the 29th of January and will be available till the 12th of February. To take part in the beta-testing, you need to register Origin account and download Origin client here.


In Crysis 3 Beta you will be able to try two different multiplayer modes. In the first one - Hunter Mode - there are two teams: two hunters and up to fourteen troopers. During the round hunters should kill all the troopers, and troopers should survive. And in the second mode - Crash Site Mode - you will be fighting against aliens. The developers also revealed the names of two Crysis 3 Beta maps: dark Museum and open-field Airport.

Hope, you will enjoy Crysis 3 Beta and while you are waiting for it, we would like to show you the newest Crysis 3 trailer, that demonstrates the abilities of Nanosuit, and remind you about our Facebook community with a lot of other interesting gaming content.