An interactive Dishonored gameplay trailer

An interactive Dishonored gameplay trailer by  7072 views
There's still a whole week left before the official start of Bethesda’s Softworks Dishonored sales, and players can already try the gameplay and see graphics of the game with a new interactive trailer for free.

In the video the hero will be coming to certain areas or situations, and you will be offered to choose one of three possible scenarios. Each variant will lead to the next checkpoint and the next selection, while not affecting the further plot. The purpose of this videos - to show three main types of hero’s behavior in different situations.

Use of force is killing all enemies for further passage or performing the task. You can also use stealth and tricks to distract attention and go through unnoticed. And of course there is always a chance to use magic, mostly teleportation.

Also, the developers have hidden "bonuses and gifts" in videos. So far, only a few people were able to find some of them. Be attentive, and you also may get lucky!