Ultra Street Fighter II - Announce Trailer

Check out the fresh Ultra Street Fighter II - Announce Trailer. Capcom is working on the new project that will shock the Street Fighter 2 fans and will be a surprise for them.

by Anna Stepko 2017-01-16 2031 views
Civilization 6 - How To Generate Faith

The last time we've talked about Civilization 6 we've been discussing how to build a city in Civilization 6. Now, it's time to talk about something more specific: faith.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-29 3656 views
Civilization 6 - First look: Poland

Check out the fresh video from Sid Meier's Civilization YouTube channel. Get the first look at Poland and its leader, Jadwiga.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-28 2732 views
The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Chaos Arena (Developer Gameplay)

The Elder Scrolls: Legends from Bethesda is having the best time ever: if you log in to your TES Legends account during the event, you’ll get a free card pack, regardless of whether you try Chaos Arena or not. Meanwhile, you can watch the latest The Elder Scrolls: Legends stream from Bethesda developers.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-28 2246 views
For Honor - Story Trailer

Get ready for For Honor release date by watching the new story trailer. It appeared on the official Ubisoft YouTube channel recently, For Honor is promisingly beautiful.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-20 2738 views
DOOM: SnapMap - Updates Incoming

Bethesda claims that this year was great for DOOM. SnapMap has a huge success among gamers, over 165 k maps were created.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-20 2097 views
Prey - 8 Minutes of Gameplay

Watch the new Prey gameplay from Bethesda official YouTube channel. We keep waiting for some beta-test to play this awesome game, but before anything comes up - keep watching Prey gameplays and pre-order the game.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-13 2547 views
Guardians of the Galaxy - Telltale Series Trailer

Get excited with the fresh and unexpected trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy game from Telltale Series. We'll keep looking out for news and trailers and inform you as soon as Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale trailers will appear.

by Anna Stepko 2016-12-13 1951 views
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