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Injustice 2 — Face Animation Skills

And the best Face Animation 2017 award goes to… Injustice 2! [fanfares playing, confetti spreads everywhere].

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-19 735 views
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 Comes Out in November This Year

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that an awesome sequel to mashup adventure comes out on November 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Lego Marvel Super Heroes, that was released in 2013, got a “Very positive” feedback.

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-16 740 views
May 15 — May 21 Upcoming Releases

Summer approaches: the time of conferences, sales (Steam sale has already got a rumor, by the way, looks like it starts at 9:50 am PT June 22), and many upcoming and promisingly good releases. GameSpace has picked the most interesting ones for you, let’s see what comes out this week.

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-15 1459 views
Assassin’s Creed: Origins summary

Today the first Assassin’s Creed: Origins teaser appeared: we didn’t know anything about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 2017 game, now we know a little more. Last year there’s been a rumor about Egyptian setting, however, the picture that leaked a few hours ago doesn’t show anything related to Egyptian theme.

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-10 1752 views
For Honor Shadow and Might — Season 2 Update

A huge spring For Honor Shadow and Might update that opens the season 2 comes out soon: we’ll talk about two characters that will appear in this DLC. This will be the second massive update since one that prevented the strike: remember, when gamers were about to rebel?

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-10 631 views
Call of Duty WW2: release date, developers' talk, trailer

Call of Duty WW2 release date confirmed — November 3rd, 2017, and the first trailer already appeared online. However, the second video related to CoD WW2 was posted right away after the trailer came up — the developers’ talk.

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-08 1707 views
Prey System Requirements and First Impressions

Prey release date is today, on May 5th, 2017. According to forums, gamers were worried about that Prey will have the same after-release-effect as Dishonored 2 had.

by Anna Stepko 2017-05-05 1471 views
Fallout 3 Ammo Cheat Codes (part 4)

GameSpace has already presented the Fallout 3 basic cheats and Fallout 3 armor cheats, and as we promised - here is the fourth part of Fallout 3 cheats. This time we’re talking about ammunition.

by Anna Stepko 2017-04-24 2007 views
Fallout 3 Weapon Cheat Codes (part 3)

Lately, we’ve presented the Fallout 3 armor cheats, and here goes the third part of Fallout 3 cheats. We’re talking about Fallout 3 weapon codes today.

by Anna Stepko 2017-04-18 1957 views
For Honor Update (patch v1.05)

About a couple weeks ago For Honor gamers were planning a strike — a massive disconnection from the hack and slash fighting game. They explained this decision with the fact that to open all the in-game items you need whether to spend $700 or 2.

by Anna Stepko 2017-04-12 2811 views
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