Xbox One vs. PS4 review

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We have already seen many different game stations, and this year two main competitors on the market have presented the eighth generation of them. Microsoft and Sony release their consoles almost simultaneously, and they look a bit similar. So, who is the winner in Xbox One vs. PS4 competition?


To understand which console is better, we need to compare them by various criteria, including the hardware specs, the controllers and even games. But we should say that it is not an easy task, because both Xbox One and PS4 are almost equally good, but have a little bit different purposes. Let's talk about everything in order.

Hardware specs

With this generation we have an extraordinary situation - both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are very close to each other, comparing their specs. Both consoles have 8-core CPU, but Xbox One has a little advantage in the clock rate - 175 GHz against 165 GHz. Both have 8GB of RAM, but in PS4 the RAM is faster, because it is GDDR5 against DDR3 that was implemented in Xbox One. Also both Sony's and Microsoft's products will get the same 500GB hard disk.


Moreover, each console has an AMD Radeon graphics processor, but PS4's GPU has 18 compute units while Xbox One's GPU has only 12. It goes without saying that when we are talking about the gaming station, the graphics performance is much more important than anything else. And according to the specs, PS4 has an advantage. However, we don't recommend you take it close to heart. First of all, the graphics also depends on your TV, so no matter which console you will choose, be sure that your screen is good enough for any of them. 

Secondly, the graphics depends on the game and game developers too. Often the companies develop games, using the specs of the worse platform and then implement additional features into the better one (or not implement). So the real advantage in graphics will be available only in the exclusive game, on condition that the game's developer uses the whole power of the gaming station. Thereby, this gap in graphics performance is not extremely important.

Winner: PlayStation 4.

Input devices

Talking about the input devices for gaming consoles, we imagine controllers. And comparing Xbox One and PS4 joysticks, it goes without saying that Sony is ahead of its rival. New Dualshock is just perfect. The developers have completely redesigned it, and so the PS4's controller really presents the new generation of gaming. Touchpad, improved technologies, almost the same weight as of the previous controller's version and a brand-new Share button that broadcasts your play. So, if you can't imagine your life without the socialization, then you need PlayStation 4.


Microsoft has added Impulse Triggers feature that allows developers to set the vibration for the buttons according to the actions in the game. It means that with this joystick you will be able to feel the recoil of the weapon and the great feedback in other games. This feature is nice, but without it Xbox One controller has nothing to suggest us. However, when we are talking about the Microsoft's console, controller is not the most important thing, because here we have Kinect.

This generation's Kinect 2.0 is much better than the previous one and actually recognizes even the minimal moves. If you like this technology in gaming, then you will enjoy. Moreover, this year Microsoft has decided to put Kinect in all consoles that will make game developers work harder on the implementation of Kinect features in their projects.

Also you will be able to have a heart-to-heart talk with your Xbox One. We are not sure that the console will understand your state of mind, but it will switch itself on, show your favorite program or launch some cool game if you ask it. Moreover, it hears your heartbeat. And this feature is actually fearful.

Winner: PlayStation 4 for those who like controllers and Xbox One for those who will use Kinect.

Second screen

The second screen devices and applications are the trend of the next generation, so we will compare Xbox One vs. PS4 by this criterion too. Using Xbox One, you can connect it with any tablet or phone that has SmartGlass app installed on it. Then you will be able to use this device as an additional screen: to change the settings while you are watching TV, to adjust the volume while you are listening to music or to use it like in-game smartphone while you are playing. Even at launch SmartGlass looks pretty nice.

PS4 also has a special companion app for tablets and phones, but it is not such cool as Xbox One has. However, you can use Vita as a second screen, but you have to buy Vita to do so.

Winner: Xbox One.


PlayStation 4 is a gaming console. Xbox One is a media center for the living room. Using the latter one you can listen to music, work with different applications and watch TV on your TV (despite how silly it sounds). Of course, all these additional entertainments are not actually important for the gaming console, but still it is a very nice idea to bring them all together. If you are excited about it, choose Xbox One. If it still sounds crazy to you, buy PS4.

Winner: Xbox One, but for gamers it doesn't really matter.


There is no console without the games which can be played using it. Almost always PlayStation had more exclusive games than Xbox, and these titles were greater. In the opposite corner Microsoft's console showed gamers lots of sports projects, which are perfectly fit to Kinect. Sport is not a bad idea for gaming, but it doesn't really interesting for all players. So, according to this tradition, PS4 will be able to present you more games.

But, at launch the situation is opposite. Xbox One has epic Ryse: Son of Rome, dynamic Dead Rising 3, fast and furious Forza 5 and promising Titanfall (the latter one will be released in 2014). PS4 has Killzone: Shadow Fall (the average score is 7) and Knack (5.6) now, so you won't be able to evaluate its greatness. But of course, after a couple of months everything may change.


Winner: Now - Xbox One.


PS4 is elegant. Xbox One is nice, but large-scale. The first one is refined and modest, and the second one requires to organize the whole living room around it and not vice versa. But tastes differ, you know.


Winner: PlayStation 4.


PS4 costs $400 while Xbox One's price is $500. Why? It is easy. Xbox One will have the obligatory Kinect, and you pay this additional hundred of bucks for the ability to wave your hand to your console. If this feature is not your cup of tea, then choose PS4. If you know how cool it is, then buy Xbox One.

Winner: PlayStation 4.

In conclusion

PS4 and Xbox One are the real representatives of the new gaming generation, because they actually have a lot of features, brilliant performance and innovative functions. And in Xbox One vs. PS4 comparison it is hard to find the only one winner. PS4 will be showing some games a little bit more qualitative, while Xbox One is able to suggest you more entertainments. With PS4 you can share your gameplay by clicking on a single one button, but Xbox One has great Kinect. Both consoles are cool, but both focus on a little bit different things.

So, there is the last criterion - a brand. Lots of people will choose Xbox One, because they like Microsoft's consoles and the games for them. The other ones will buy PS4, because Sony is also a great rival on the market. And all of them will be right.

And on which side are you?