War of the Roses

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Game is the reverse side of the reality, and properly developed video game moves us to the magnificent world where the reality is replaced by gaming scenario, but after a few minutes you can't tell one from the other. To make the game that is close to reality, the developers need to create the perfect graphics, thought-out gameplay and special atmosphere. On the 2nd of October, 2012 everyone got a chance to play the action War of the Roses game, that is really meets all the described conditions. Maybe War of the Roses is not perfect, but it is definitely stands out among many modern games.


War of the Roses moves us to the medieval England, where we need to fight on the side of the house of Lancaster or the house of York. These two groups of English nobles were struggling against each other to get the royal throne. Because of the families' emblems, they were named as Red and White Rose, and their confrontation went down in history right as War of the Roses. In the game you will be the part of the medieval battle together with a big team of your allies. The multiplayer mode allows to create a team of 32 warriors and fight against another team of real gamers. So put on your armor, take a sword and let's start changing the march of history.


The first thing that bursts upon the eye is that the developers tried to reconstruct the real medieval duel - hard, spectacular and various. The result of the combat depends not only on the characteristics of your armor and the price of your blade, but also on your abilities to control each move of your character by mouse. And this task will be incredibly difficult not only for newcomers, but even for experienced gamers. For example, to strike an opponent with the sword, you need to click on the enemy (and be sure you click to the right place that is not safe under the armor), then you need to move the cursor to raise your hand and finally release the mouse button to hurt your opponent. If you want to block the enemies' stroke, you need to push right mouse button and then move the cursor towards your opponent. Also you can hold the right button the whole time, if you want to protect your character from the attacks, and release it only when the danger has passed. Sounds a little bit complicated, doesn't it? And it will take a lot of attempts to get into the way of how you need to act. But it is the difficulty that makes War of the Roses innovative and outstanding.


Due to interesting control system in the battle, the damage you do depends on a lot of factors. It is important which weapon you use, what your impact force is, which angle is between your opponent's body and your blade, which armor your enemy uses and whether he blocks your stroke. So to success in the game you need to maneuver, invent uncommon attacks, block the strokes of your opponent, create your own fighting strategy and be a lucky person, because it is impossible to keep an eye on all these factors simultaneously. If you are new to the game, it will be rather difficult to understand how to act and in addition in the beginning you have neither hard weapons, nor strong armor. But it is for the best - you will have a stimulus to learn the basic and special tricks of the combat as soon as possible. And when you become a good warrior, you will have enough money to buy every weapon you want.


By the way, you will have a lot of weapons to choose. In War of the Roses the developers tried to reconstruct medieval blades and bows, and they really succeed. The weapons are various, and each sword or arbalest is intended for the specific fighting style. If you are fond of close-in combat, you can use lance, axe or sword. If you don't like to come close to your enemy, then you need arbalest or bow. But in the narrow passage neither bow, nor sword is useful, and you will have to take a small dagger. The same situation is with armor - you can choose the one that you like with its advantages and disadvantages. For example, thrust weapon is able to penetrate chain mail, and strong bludgeon can break the plate armor.


It is difficult to mix up the War of the Roses and any other game, because it has a very special atmosphere and innovative control system. Unfortunately, there are also several bugs in the game, and it is rather short and doesn't treat us with various locations. We hope that soon the developers will release several add-ons for this game and it will become even more impressive and full-fledged. It will be nice if the additions will be available for free download - War of the Roses itself costs from $15 to $60 according to the edition.

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