Unmechanical. Natural adventure

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Hush, dear adventurers! To take part in new fantastic and "unmechanical" puzzler from Talawa Game you don't need to say any word, but any human sound can destroy the delicate atmosphere of this beautiful world. The wondering combination of mechanical and natural objects in this game creates special story, full of puzzles and mysteries. We'd like to invite you to this very specific adventure that starts in the world of machines...


Our main hero is the nice robot that looks like a tin box with bright, but very sad eyes. He doesn't speak, but he can fly and even swim and also he collects different objects. Though he can't say any word, he is very charismatic and touching, like Carlson, but with mechanical heart. First we meet this robot on the field, where he is flying with his friends. But next moment the huge mechanical tube rises to the sky and kidnaps our hero. Now he needs to escape from the mechanical (or natural?) labyrinth, and he can cope with this task only using your help.


Unmechanical has very special feature - here you won't find long dialogues (or more exactly you won't find any dialogues) and different videos. The story appears in delicate details, and in this game the story doesn't play the main role. You just need to solve numerous puzzles and not to store your mind with all other things. But during the journey you will find that environment has a lot of wondering secrets, and it will be very exciting to find out all the mysteries of "unmechanical" world.

The official trailer:

While watching the trailer you will see an interesting, but completely mechanical world. So why the game is called "Unmechanical"? The labyrinth you will be travelling through is a great creature, mechanical and natural at the same time. During your adventure you will find the huge heart of this unmechanical creature, and also a lot of hints and allusions everywhere.


The game's graphics is pseudo-3D, and that's why your character moves only in two dimensions, but the whole picture looks like 3D. To control the robot you need only a few keys: arrows to move him and space to let him take some objects. But in spite of the control's simplicity, sometimes it is difficult to direct your character, because he is not just flying, he is soaring in the space. But after you cope with the gameplay, Unmechanical will become easy and nice for you.


In spite of fantastic scenario, the developers tried to make this game as real as possible, and that's why they kept all laws of physics. Not only the hero, but you yourself will feel, that the bigger stone is heavier than the smaller stone, and that beam obeys the lever rule. If your hero needs to lift something heavy, you need to apply force pressing the Up key. By the way with cargo on board, your robot becomes even more out of control.


The difficulties with control causes another interesting feature of Unmechanical: in many cases you know what to do, but you don't understand how to act. It is really strange situation for adventure game, don't you agree? The puzzles in Unmechanical are various and exciting, but too simple. The difficulty increases, but very slow, and that's why here you won't beat your brains out trying to solve the next task. If you still have some problems, just press F1, and your robot will give you a hint. Of course, the hint won't be totally transparent and clear, because the robot, as you remember, can't talk at all. So he will show a little pictogram as a cloud above his head with the schematic solution. That is enough in the most cases.


In conclusion we need to say about techno music, that accompanies you during the game and completes the very special atmosphere of "unmechanical" world. But you won't enjoy this game for a long, because it takes only a few hours to finish all the puzzles. We wish the gaming process was longer.