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Nowadays the games are trying to be masterpieces and artworks. The signs of modern actions and strategies are magnificent graphics, realistic physics and cinematic story, so buying new game we are ready for long and impressive adventure. Tryst returns us to the times when strategies were much easier, the graphics wasn't very important and you could pass the game in a few hours. If you are missing the old school RTS then you may enjoy this game.


The story brings us to 2381 year on the Ishtonia IV planet. Some years ago people arrived here for mining and met Zali - sentient mechanical race. At the first time human and Zali races coexisted peacefully, but now the revolution is unavoidable. You may take the side of Zali and begin the revolution or play for humans trying to put down the insurrection. Each race has its own abilities and skills, so the style of your game will depend on the chosen side.


Tryst is an ordinary real-time strategy where you need to gather resources, build new items and bases, assault your enemies and avoid their attacks. The main resources are electricity (energy) and ore. The units are various, and almost each one can be updated during the game. You can buy additional weapon and equipment, build the shield for your base or your army, switch on health regeneration option. The gameplay is also usual and similar to all strategies' one. Well, Tryst is no more no less just a one game among many others. So, if you have already played real-time strategies, you will easily understand what to do.


But in Tryst we got an interesting additions: lot of traps that are coming from environment. So, you need not only to fight against your enemies, but also avoid different environmental hazards. But nevertheless, if you are playing alone in a single mode, you will pass this game in a few hours. There are several levels of difficulty in Tryst, but even the most difficult mode won't make you to spend a lot of time.


It seems that the developers didn't want you to play alone, and that's why they introduced multiplayer mode in which you can fight against eight real people. It is interesting that if one of your opponent leaves, the computer will start to play instead of him. The artificial intelligence is rather high, so in some cases you won't notice the substitution. If we shut our eyes to several bugs of online multiplayer mode, then it is safe to say that this mode is really challenging. But if you are not planning to play online, then we don't advise to buy this strategy.


It's time to say some words about graphics, but in fact it is not worth any word. The graphics is of good quality and was made with diligence, but it won't amaze you even a little. Tryst looks like the real-time strategies of five years' prescription. There is nothing innovative, interesting and impressive. By the way, the last sentence goes very well to the whole Tryst game. It doesn't stand out from dozens similar games.


In conclusion

This game will rejoice those gamers, who have missed the old strategies, but you won't spend on it a long time. It is for one or two nights, and after that you will forget about it forever. The only option for this game is free download - Tryst doesn't worth $25. But tastes differ, so maybe you will find something exciting on Ishtonia IV planet.


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